Classical / Film & TV / Video Games


Classical Music:

The Grown Up Children (orchestral):

This orchestral piece was performed by the London Firebird Orchestra on 26th March at St Pancras Church, Euston, London.


16 (string quartet):

This string quartet has 16 different ways of being played. Each player has two different scores in from of them, score A and score B. Each player can choose either, which will create one of 16 combinations, AABA, BAAB etc. The piece repeats and the players can either stick and repeat the score they have just played from or change and play the other score. This recording is from the works’ premiere at St Mary’s Church, Hendon London performed by the Allegri String Quartet. The combination played is AABB and BAAA:


Drifting Daydreams (string quartet):

Another string quartet, performed by the Allegri String Quartet:


Denied but not Defined (brass quintet and drum kit):

This piece has a tightly written brass section allowing the drummer (Pete Mansfield in this recording)to play more freely, improvising and using the brass parts as a guide.


Music For Film & TV:


Extract from ‘Reason To Run’ (documentary), premiered at the BFI, Southbank, London:



Trailer to ‘The Storyteller’(Animation):

The Storyteller – Trailer from Eleonora Quario on Vimeo.


Music for ‘Kaffein’ (animation):


Music for Video Games:


Written for a video game show reel:


The Heist: Rough recording of a Jazz Fusion piece: