Kick the Capo: 4 note chords – part 3

This week we’re looking at another type of 7th chord, the diminished 7th. I spent a decent amount of time in a previous blog explaining the theory behind the chord and the difference between and diminished 7th and a half diminished 7th, so check out ‘Jazz Building Blocks – Part 1′ for more detail.
In the last few weeks we’ve had to digest loads of different shapes. Well, you’ll be pleased to hear that this week is a lot simpler! Every note of a diminished 7th chord is a minor third apart, so when we do inversions of the chord, the shape stays exactly the same. So, learn these basic shapes and simply slide it up a minor third until you reach the octave.
I’ve stuck to C diminished 7th (CÂș) and it’s inversions. I’ve done what we did with the other 7th chords; limiting them to four strings and then skipping strings to get the most of our shapes. Have a look through and digest them into your playing.


E ———————————-
B ———————————-
G —8—–11—–2—–5——–
D —7—–10—–1—–4——–
A —9—–12—–3—–6——–
E —8—–11—–2—–5——–


E ———————————-
B —4—–7—-10—-12——–
G —2—–5—-8——11——–
D —4—–7—-10—-13——–
A —3—–6—–9—–12——–
E ———————————-


E —5—–8—–11—–14——–
B —4—–7—–10—–13——–
G —5—–8—–11—–14——–
D —4—–7—–10—–13——–
A ————————————
E ————————————


E ———————————
B —7—–10—-1—–4——–
G —8—–11—-2—–5——–
D —7—–10—-1—–4——–
A —x—–x——-x—–x——–
E —8—–11—–2—–5——–


E —2—-5—–8——11——–
B —4—-7—–10—-13——–
G —2—-5—–8——11——–
D —x—–x—–x——x———
A —3—–6—–9—–12——–
E ———————————-


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