Journey: Tab


Song: Journey

Album: Bedroom to Throneroom

I’ve designed these tabs in a way that actually helps you get better at guitar by learning the song. A lot of Christian tabs/chord charts give you the chords with one, usually basic chord shape to go with each of the chords for the song. As a guitarist, I’ve put a lot of work into choosing certain chords and voicings to go with them. It will take you longer to learn each song but it will sound ten times better and you’ll walk away with a fresh set of chord shapes that you can use in other songs too.
The best way to learn these songs is by section and by memory. Take one section, get comfortable with the chords and once you can play it from memory move on to the next section. The chords read from left to right e.g. the first number is the low E string, next number is the A string, next number is the D string etc. An ‘x’ means that you don’t play that string (or mute/deaden the string) and the number refers to what fret you should be playing. Click on the link below to get started:




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